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Website Services

Emsted Online - Website Services are dedicated to keep your Website optimized and updated at all time.

From Back-up, Optimization, SEO and more we can give your website a boost with constant updates and optimizations.

Can your Website Compete for the top ranking position? Are your SEO setup efficient?

Are your SEO setup efficient?

What we can do for you

Website Backups

Backup of complete website to an other drive.

WordPress Updates

Updating of WordPress software and plugins.

Website Data Transfer

Transfer of One cPanel to other cPanel. Full backup included.

E-Commerce Products

Need to load or update your products? Request quotation on the contact us page

Website Maintenance

A few changes on your website or major design changes.


Get your Website Ranked higher with Advanced SEO, this is a contractual period. As SEO is not a once of thing.

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How your Website Works

You have now created an website. Now What?
Think of your website as your Dog. You will have to feed it, take it for a walk, play with it and as long as your dog is healthy he will be fine. Same with your Website.

Feed – Your website needs new contents all the time or it will drop down on SERP.
Walk – You will need to get your website out there let people see it. MARKETING, SEO, SHARING and TRAFFIC.
Play – Make your website attractive for visitors or they will move on. New Contents and Photos 
Healthy – If you keep this up your Website will be up and running smoothly.

SEO – is what get your Website on Search Engines. If you have Basic SEO your website will stay in the back pages of Search engines.
To update your website and SEO, you keep it alive to show Search Engines you mean Business. All our Basic, Premium and Promotion Website Packages have only Basic SEO.

We can do this all for you.

All our packages is once off, on a prepaid basis. Priced according to the service need.

Advance SEO is on a contractual basis

What else we do.

Graphic Design

Any Graphic design you need we can do it. Contact us with details.

Logo Design

Get your brand out there with a Professional designed Logo

Company Registration

We can do your company registration for you for only R350 once off.

Need more information or want us to give a Quotation?