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Web Design

At Emsted Online, we build modern, mobile responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress websites using the most current web design and development techniques. We design websites with your customers’ experience as our top priority, making sure that they will have an easy time finding the information they need and getting in touch with you.

Offering a variety of options to our clients, we make sure they get the web design their budget can allow. We design on your specification and you Brand.

We have the Web Design plan for you.

Website special

Current website specials.

With the current fuel prices and all the load shedding your priorities is currently somewhere else to pay an once off fee for a website. Emsted Online offer you this month a payment plan on our Basic websites.

Monthly price is for a 12 month contact. This includes 1Gb hosting package. You can upgrade the Hosting if needed t & c apply. 
Your first installment plus R99 Domain registration if needed. After 12 Months the hosting only needs to be paid. 
Why wait let us build your dream website.

Offer ends 31 June 2022

Custom Web Design Services

We have built hundreds of websites across a variety of industries and specialty categories. We dedicate the same attention to detail to every web design project regardless of scope or budget. Our Durban based in house creative team will work with you every step of the way to accomplish your project goals and deliver a finished product you can be proud of.

web design

What we offer to you

Fully Responsive

All our Web pages are design with responsiveness in mind. Viewing on PC, tablet or Smartphone the website conform to the screen you are viewing it on.

Business Profile

Need to tell customers about your services/products then this website design is right for you. You set the pages you need. Basic prices on 1, 3 , 5


Want to sell you products online? then this is your solution. with payment integration and delivery setup. No Hassle back office

*Cancellation fees may apply if signing up on a Promotional offer.


Need something like an subscription, crm or any other from of website contact us and we can work out a design specific quotation for you.

Web Design

Fast Turnaround time

Emsted Online give around one week turn around time for the development. All based on the content received from the client.

Why We Develop Websites in WordPress

WordPress is a powerful open-source content management system that powers more than 40% of the 1.5 billion websites online today. From a web development standpoint, WordPress provides all the tools needed to deliver powerful, feature-rich websites. End users love WordPress for its easy to use content management system that allows them to focus on content creation without the need to edit code or interact with website files.

WordPress Logo

Fast turn around time on all our projects.

What packages do we offer?

Promotion Sites

Once in a while we offer promotions on our Web Design Packages. Either on a Promotion completely or discount on our other plans. Visit our site often to see what we have on Promotion.

Basic Sites

Basic sites is template based and is for startup businesses that cannot afford a full develop site. With all the Basics covered you do not have to stand back with this website Layout and design.

Premium Sites

Premium site an upgrade from the basic website design, but with lots more happening in the backend and freedom of layout in the front. More Google tools and setting for better SEO.

Elite Sites

Fully flexible frontend and back end. Website development and design. Advance SEO Setup and support. Google/Bing integration on all Google platforms necessary

Web Design 6

Monthly Sites

Based on a Premium site you can pay your site off on a 12 month contract. With a basic setup fee and 12 months installments. This include monthly Maintenance

Web Design

Website Layouts

All our Designed Websites are all responsive to any device you or your visitors view it on. As it it responsive the layout change from screen size to screen size, moving the the layout around for the best viewing experience. OLD STATIC Websites are a thing of the past as around 75% of users open websites on their smartphone before even opening it on a PC. With the fast growing market of Smartphone access your website must be compatible for any smart device.

Don't know what package to select then talk to us.

Web Design Packages

1 Pager

  • Want to get a one pager website to get your brand out there here is all the plans available and the prices.
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3 Pager

  • Get more information out there with our 3 pager websites. YOu choose the pages you need.
Learn MORE

5 Pager

  • Need to get your services and other information out there the 5 -6 pager is just the package for you.
Learn MORE


  • Do you want to sell online then we can assist you with a online store with payment gateway.
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Web design - Emsted Online


  • For your personal Budget we offer Promotions on websites from time to time. Budget Plans also available
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Need a Other Website Request contact us.

Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take?

Your website is build according to our work load. Usually 7working day from Domain registration. And we have received all the contents for the website from you.

Why do I need to pay Hosting?

Your website is hosted on a server somewhere in the world. The website uses space just like an app on your phone. Hosting is renting the space you need to have your website online 24/7

What is the best option to choose?

It all depends on your budget and what do you want to achieve with your website. Basic plan is literally just a online presence. Where the Elite plan give your website more SERP and SEO presence.

When do I pay?

Plans below R1000 is payable in full before we will start with the website. Plans over R1000 can be divided into 2 payments. 50% Deposit to start and outstanding 48 hrs. after development has been done. Where hosting is not included, payment must be done accordingly before we can start.

What is Development?

Development is all the backend and front end of your website. Backend like SEO, Payment gateways, Contact form setups and other features that will maker your website work. Frontend is page setups and major layout of the website.

Can I edit the website myself?

Yes you have full access to your backend. Some packages includes training on your website. like Product management on a e-Commerce website. Other Training is given according to your website type.

Do Emsted Online offer Maintenance on the website?

Yes we do we have monthly maintenance plans or you can request maintenance when you need it.

Will I pay for Edits or Maintenance?

You have a time window after development to request edits on your website. When this time is over you will be charged for edits and maintenance if you do not have a maintenance plan.

Why aren't my website on page one of google search?

Your website is one of a billion websites to compete for the number one spot to get there you will have to maintain your website and Keep it updated. Then you must maintain your SEO on the website also like keyword, key phrases etc. To be listed on google is 5 days, to be on the first page can take up to 2years.

Is all WordPress plugins free?

We use free plugins were possible. In the event you need/want a specific plugin feature and that plugin is not free, you will be liable for the cost to purchase the plugin for your website and renew the annual license if required.

Why will Emsted Online not load all my Products manually?

Loading of products manually is very time consuming. Unfortunately we don't have the time to do it. We request you to load your products on a spreadsheet provided. If need be we will quote you for the manual loading of the products. Avg time to load a product manually is 10 mins.

Will Emsted Online help me to build my own website?

NO, we do not offer assistance to build your own website. Emsted Online is a professional Web Design/Development company and do not offer free Web building services.

Why can't I send content and edits requests via WhatsApp?

All media sent over WhatsApp get shrunk and renamed. This reduce the quality of the media drastically and not suitable for the web. We receive many WhatsApp messages daily and if you request an edit we will forget about it as we can't do the edit immediately and only get back to you when we remember or delete old messages. On email we have folders to add all our edit requests to and do it as soon as possible.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes while we are busy with the website development and in your final Editing window you can. We will work out the price difference and you only pay the difference.

Hosting is included, Will Emsted Online pay my Hosting?

Absolutely! if your hosted by Emsted Online. If you are hosted with another hosting company your Web design package will not include the free hosting as Emsted Online will not pay your hosting at a other hosting company. You can transfer your domain to us to qualify for the included hosting deal.