Web design requirements

Emsted Online website requirements

To get your website on as soon as possible we will need the following from you.

General information all websites.

  1. Name and slogan for site.
  2. Company contact details.
    1. Landline
    1. Cell
    1. WhatsApp number
    1. Email address if not using info@
    1. Physical address
  3. Company profile (about)
  4. All media photos, logos, and the media you want on your website. If we design or source the pictures. You will be billed accordingly
  5. Colours for the website if possible, hex # codes, or samples of colours,
  6. Overview of your business in general to add snippet over the website. Eg. We deliver anything.
  7. Requested pages like, home, about, services, contact ext. this is only a guideline for me.
  8. Products/service packages if not e-commerce details and photos (if you want it on your website)


  1. Product categories

Main                      eg, clothing

                Sub                        eg. shirts

                                Sub                        eg. T-shirts

  1. At leased 5 products,
    • Name
    • Category/ries
    • Short description
    • Long description
    • Price
    • Variable if needed, red, green ext.
    • Picture
  2. Payment gateway setup.
    1. Bank details
    2. Id no
    3. Cell number
  3. Physical address
  4. Courier fees
    1. Fixed rate or sliding scale
    2. Courier company
  5. Terms and conditions (we can give general one)
  6. Return policy

Please note even if you do not have a physical shop or store by law I have to incorporate your address into the website even if its in the domain registration.

We will only work on information given via email or our drive we have opened for you. Any other way received will not be added to your website.