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Easy DSL Uncapped

DSL is Fixed Line Broadband which uses existing telephone lines to surf the Internet. Emsted Online offers a range of Uncapped Easy DSL packages to suit your needs.

Still paying for a telephone line that you don't even use? With our DSL, you only pay for the DSL line rental & data - saving you more than R200pm



Digital subscriber line (DSL)

Digital subscriber line is a family of technologies that are used to transmit digital data over telephone lines. In telecommunications marketing, the term DSL is widely understood to mean asymmetric digital subscriber line, the most commonly installed DSL technology, for Internet access.

Easy DSL

What we offer to you

Infinite fun

Never worry about how much data you use. Get Uncapped.

Static IP Available

Having your own unique IP address gives you more options, more power, and more control of your network.

24/7 Support

Support when you need it.

No Contract

You're not obligated to stay with us, but we are sure you'll want to. 30day notice.

*Cancellation fees may apply if signing up on a Promotional offer.

easy DSL

Speeds up to 40Mbps

Get superfast broadband speeds if your exchange supports VDSL.

Do you have Coverage for Easy DSL?

As Easy DSL works on existing Copper Telkom/Openserve Infrastructure, we need to check if you will be able to get Easy DSL.
Don’t worry we will check and call you back. Just fill in the form below and we will come back to you soon.

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Fill in your details and we will call you back shortly with the Easy DSL Availability at your address given.

Easy DSL Packages

5 Mbps

R 340 / mo

  • DSL Line & Uncapped Data included
  • Include Line Rental save up to R200 per month
  • NO DSL router included.
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10 Mbps

R 435 / mo

  • DSL Line & Uncapped Data included
  • Include Line Rental save up to R200 per month
  • NO DSL router included.
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20 Mbps

R 635 / mo

  • DSL Line & Uncapped Data included
  • Include Line Rental save up to R200 per month
  • NO DSL router included.
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40 Mbps

R 785 / mo

  • DSL Line & Uncapped Data included
  • Include Line Rental save up to R200 per month
  • NO DSL router included.
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Easy DSL

Compatible Routers

All our package do not includes a DSL router and you will have to buy one separately if you do not have one. If you need one you can contact us and we can send you a list of routers we have available or you can buy one locally.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the price of the Easy DSL line included in the price?

Yes - the price you see, is the price you pay. All our Easy DSL Uncapped services are in combo, so the price is for both your Data and the Line rental.

Will I have to pay a setup fee?

Sign up for Easy DSL with Emsted Online today and you can get Free Installation and Activation/Connection. This is a limited promotion that may be stopped at any time. *T's & C's apply. This exclude Setup Fees if we need to come out and setup it for you.

Do I need an existing copper line at my premises for Easy DSL?

Yes, you do need an existing copper line at your premises to connect to DSL. Openserve will NOT do any new copper line installations. If you do not have the pre-existing copper line infrastructure at your premises, you will not be able to sign up for Easy DSL. Please note that because Easy DSL is a separate service from regular DSL, Openserve will need to connect up the new Easy DSL services at your premises. This will depend on the turnaround for your installation and activation.

Can existing regular Emsted Online DSL clients move to DSL?

Easy DSL is a separate service from existing Emsted DSL services. Existing DSL clients will need to sign up for the new Easy DSL services and cancel their old DSL services. You should only cancel your current DSL service, once your new Easy DSL service is live. Emsted Online can only cancel the DSL portion of your line. You will have to cancel the voice portion of your line directly with Telkom. We cannot do this on your behalf. Please note once you change from an existing regular DSL package to The new Easy DSL, you will NOT be able to change back.

How do I port my Telkom voice landline to VoIP?

You'll need to supply us with a copy of your Telkom telephone bill (please note that your account needs to be settled, or Telkom will not release your number) and an authorization letter which will be supplied to you.

How long will it take to get connected?

After signing up, Openserve will contact you to install the Easy DSL line at your premises. Once the installation is done and completed, the line will be activated. You can then plug in your router and get connected to the internet.

Can I use my current DSL router?

Yes, you can use your existing ADSL compatible router for 4Mbps and 10 Mbps line speeds. The 20Mbps and 40Mbps lines are classed as VDSL and will require a VDSL compatible router.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time?

Absolutely! We don't like contracts. So, we allow upgrades and downgrades of Easy DSL speeds up until 5pm on the last day of the month. To cancel, we need just one calendar months' notice. If you are still in the Promo period of 6 months, then it's one month's calendar notice and R999 early cancellation fee.

How is Easy DSL different from regular DSL?

Regular DSL is a standard copper DSL line WITH the voice portion of the telephone line. Our Easy DSL is a standard copper DSL line WITHOUT the voice portion of the telephone line. No need to pay for a telephone line that you do not use, only pay for your DSL data and DSL line.

Do you want Easy DSL, but still need a landline number?

We've got a solution for you. VoIP is a cloud-hosted service, which means you can take your number anywhere in the world. If you have Easy DSL, then you can cancel your Telkom landline rental and simply port your number across. You can use this on a fixed VoIP enabled phone or take your number with you on the move on your Mobile phone!

Do I still need to pay for my landline number from Telkom?

No. Traditional landlines require customers to pay a monthly service charge for a landline. You can now save that money, if you cancel your Telkom line rental and switch to VoIP. VoIP is an affordable telephone service that works off your Internet connection. It cuts out that unnecessary landline cost you pay every month and only charges for your CallTime. Perfect for anyone with Easy DSL, looking for a home or business telephone number that is flexible, affordable and easy-to-use.

Why can't I send content and edits requests via WhatsApp?

All media sent over WhatsApp get shrunk and renamed. This reduce the quality of the media drastically and not suitable for the web. We receive many WhatsApp messages daily and if you request an edit we will forget about it as we can't do the edit immediately and only get back to you when we remember or delete old messages. On email we have folders to add all our edit requests to and do it as soon as possible.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes while we are busy with the website development and in your final Editing window you can. We will work out the price difference and you only pay the difference.

Hosting is included, Will Emsted Online pay my Hosting?

Absolutely! if your hosted by Emsted Online. If you are hosted with another hosting company your Web design package will not include the free hosting as Emsted Online will not pay your hosting at a other hosting company. You can transfer your domain to us to qualify for the included hosting deal.